Spending Time at Segovia’s

The heat signals the height of summer. For parents and their children, this means a welcome break and to prepare for the coming school year. It’s been a month since Paul ended his Grade 1 experience. That means that we will take a break from going to Greenhills unless necessary. With this, I have decided to feature one of the places where I hang out in San Juan.

Given his tight schedule, there really are times when I need to wait for him around the area. I always think of places where I can stay comfortably and enjoy a good lunch while waiting for dismissal to arrive. The first place that came to mind was Segovia’s. Already famous for their melts-in-your-mouth mamon (a family favorite), they added ensaymada and cheese rolls to their selection. Besides the baked goodies, we have also been longtime fans of their reasonably priced, home-style cooking.

Segovia 012

Tucked away in a quiet street right in the middle of San Juan, the outside looks very inviting and homely. The place can accommodate about 20, with an al fresco setting for an additional 6-8 guests. Their simple menu consists of soups, salads, sandwiches, rice meals and pastas. It might not be as extensive in terms of choices but the quality of their food is definitely surprising. I always enjoy reading through strips of Archie comics that are part of the table setting – a character I have been hooked on since my high school days.

Segovia 002

During my visit, I tried their garlic chorizo pasta (P140) to go with my favorite taco salad. Their baked spaghetti is also a steal at P95! The aroma of the garlic and chorizo bits was enticing, delicious, and satisfying. The bread stick had a dab of butter to support the taste of garlic and pork. I’ve been hearing customers order sirloin steak burger, lengua con champignon, and roast beef so these should be a must-try for any first timer as well.

Segovia 005

I previously tried their taco salad (P140), a combination of iceberg and romaine lettuce with tomatoes. The crowning glory of this dish are the crispy shells that go with it. I wish that it had more romaine leaves, though. I couldn’t complain given its serving and price. The homemade honey mustard that goes with it reminds me of the dressing in other organic establishments.

Segovia 007

The cake that I always order would be their moist chocolate cake at P60/slice. For this visit however, I chose to try their cheesecake (P130) for today’s dessert (to balance out the taste of the honey mustard and chorizo). I was pleasantly surprised by the rich, creamy texture with the biscuit crust – definitely something better than the usual graham bottom.

Segovia 010

As a pasalubong for Paul, I thought of ordering the mamon, but was a bit disheartened to discover that it had been sold out by lunch time. They had crazy bulk orders including an order of 300 pieces! It is recommended orders are placed in advance (at least 1 day before). Luckily, the owner informed me that a fresh batch of mamon had just been baked. I happily walked away with pieces of this local sponge cake.

Segovia 011

This is definitely a go-to place if you happen to be in the area ♥

Segovia 017

Visit Segovia’s Cakes and Recipes at 28 Gen. Lim St. Little Baguio, San Juan or contact them at 477-2229 / 725-2849. They are open on Mondays to Saturdays from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.


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