Keep Moving Forward

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Regardless of age, Disney movies have a very special place in our hearts. My mom still gets excited when watching Beauty and the Beast or the live-action version of Cinderella. One of their least known movies is Meet the Robinsons. I don’t understand why this movie doesn’t get a lot of attention, because the story has a deep meaning in real life.

The hero of the film, Lewis, is a geeky inventor who struggles with numerous failures. All his experiments don’t seem to work – he had just about given up when his latest invention also failed. His mother’s choice to give him up in an orphanage greatly affected his outlook in life negatively in always questioning why he was given away. With the help of Wilbur (his future son) and the time machine, he was instead transported into the future to meet his family – in the awesome world of Todayland.

Mike Yagoobian (or Goob), did not seem to take the loss from the baseball game very well. Instead, he blamed Lewis for what he has become, resulting to his failure to be chosen by adoptive parents. This also prompted him to seek revenge and destroy Lewis’ life when he meets Doris, the bowler hat invented by Cornelius (Lewis’ adopted name). He thought that they were friends and will control the universe as partners.

Unfortunately, Doris has an ulterior motive in helping Goob – to take over the world by itself. Being so focused on his personal vendetta, Goob was unaware of this and helped further the bowler hat’s plans. Lewis experienced the same negativity as well after learning that he was fooled by Wilbur. Clearly, both characters focused on not accepting and letting go which should not be the case.

Experiencing what his relatives felt about failure, Lewis realized that learning from it is much more rewarding.  One of his adopted relatives wouldn’t be able to perfect his meatball cannon if he had chosen to give up after several attempts to create it. He accepted the fact of moving on and learning from it especially when loved ones are there for you. With this, Lewis influenced Goob to do the same thing.

Choosing to dwell on the past will not take you anywhere and that might even lead to worse circumstances. Whenever we wish for things to go our way, there is always something better for us. Seeing how happy he is with his Robinsons family, Lewis chose instead to be left at the doorstep when he finally went back in time.

The song Little Wonders by Rob Thomas, part of the movie soundtrack, also brings a positive message. The small hours that make up our lives will always remain over time. The little wonders, the twists and turns of fate are what we are no matter what. The future is never set in stone but what is important is how you deal with the present. There is always one of two choices when confronting failure: acceptance and moving on, or denial and escapism. It is always better to choose the first one together with my main learning from this film: KEEP MOVING FORWARD.


16 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward

  1. katjrod says:

    I love this movie, I’ve seen this maybe about 10 times. I really feel sorry for Goob, good thing the past was changed. I always cry at the end when the Little Wonders song is being played when Lewis was already adopted and he’s working on his new inventions. I love stories like those. There’s a gif that I like, too, the T-rex, lol.

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  2. Kat | Petite Momma says:

    This is one of my favorite Disney movies. 🙂 And I never get tired of rewatching as it gives great reminders on how we should be positive and accept realities as life-long lessons. First time to visit your blog, kat here from mommy bloggers ph group 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Macy Santos says:

    As far as Disney movies are concern I totally appreciate the moral values as well as the awesome story line. Yeah, you are right it is best to move forward in life. Nice thoughts there, thanks for sharing. -Macy

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